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Martha L. McCamy, MBA, Certified Scrum Master

In 2006, the year my father died and my second child was born, I entered graduate school in pursuit of an MBA. I had coasted through my undergrad more than ten years before that and as a young woman wasn’t very focused on what I wanted for my life. I figured it would work itself out. As the demands of family life became more pressing and the reality of aging and dying came into focus, I saw that I needed to get serious about what was important to me. For the past 10 years I have managed diverse project teams to solve complex technology challenges using both traditional and Agile project management methods. In this work, I have honed my ability to connect with people completely and deeply and to inspire them to bring their natural gifts to work. Because of my own experience in finding personal satisfaction and success, my interest has turned to the challenges we all face in identifying our unique and authentic qualities and bringing those into focus in our professional pursuits. Mindfulness practice and my involvement in starting two arts organizations (The Shitty Barn and Swiss Miss) inform my non-traditional, interdisciplinary approach to spotting and removing obstacles to success.

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